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>> lot me tell you police just put up yellow tape here because someone got stuck in the mud this, is a part behind me. ub kaem through here, just feet from homes. first gushing water and then, mud. >> police said you guys better evacuate. water coming down, fast. >> about 12 homes evacuated and people left in a hurry. they navigated through the streets. >> we had a luggage and didn't know how long we're going to be evacuated for. we brought two days worth of clothes. >> the water (anineu.duu found the source. >> this is a pipe sheared off up on the hillside. >> a pipe that will now have to replace.
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>> well, the age of the pipe was constructed back in mid-30s. >> after engineers inspected the hill, residents allowed back inside of their homes. >> someone may be watching us upstairs. >> this debris did not impact homes directly. just streets and cars. >> the mud buried cars up to tires. >> i have deductible to take care of it. hopefully the city will cover that deductible. >> they were towed and adjusters will have to inspect damage. residents left with an unstable hillside. >> the hill could come down. this is the second time. mv time, now, my colleague will talk about that incident shortly.
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tomorrow, crews will be here to shore up that hillside. they want to stabilize the hill before it starts to rain. i'm live in daily city, abc 7 news. >> this big mess made in a 0e water department estimates the pipe broke at 4:20, there, you can see where the pipe broke there. at 4:40, first responders got the call about what is going on here, they contacted water department and within just 10 minutes or so, they figured out that what the source of the leak was. at 450, water department stopped the leak. they flipped a switch. next event, eight inch pipe gushed about 40 minutes before it could be stopped.
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it dumped in that time, imagine this, 45,000 gallons of water. that is why you saw this huge mess we're talking about. at 10:15, crews started towing out cars. and then, by 11:00, a clean up had progressed to get the first residents back in their homes. this made a huge mess in a short amount of time. >> we have another view from sky p. the huge gash in the hillside above homes is being created when those gallons began gushing from the pipe this morning. there, you can see a difference view of the end of the pipe. so who is responsible for the mess? vick? >> of course, the culprit is that aging water pipe.
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officials call what happened a failure. we're also told this is not the first time that reservoir has caused flooding. this massive tank being filled with a valve malfunctioned, sending water down the hill. this was one of them. homeowner told us what happened while having his mud-filled car towed this morning. >>7?;ç this is worse. >> this is -- bad. really bad. >> this reservoir built 78 years ago. years ago. patrick.ñh director of the water and waste water resources department. >> history feels me it's a wpa project back in the day.
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this tank has capacity to store 900,000 gallons of water. they is a pipe that runs down hillside park. >> that is where this sheared off. it tells us we'reev#íw dealing h this age of the pipe. >> the gully is now washed out. once the department was alerted it took about 10 minutes to ice yol yait the valve and stop the leak. they're able to do that quickly. crews moved the hill during an upgrade of the roof. >> recognize that about 100 feet down the hill they decided to move it closer. the valve made it ease year to
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shut off the valve. sweetland says there are others that serve the section of the city. >> try to do the best you can to put systems in place like, as we did here, through isolation valve saying once finishing with efforts to shore up the hillside they'll decide whether to replace or repair that old pipe. one thing they planned to do is strengthen aging pipes that interiors with liners. >> we think so, thank you. >> most victims in this break should be able to get reimburse forward any repair bills. >> yes. michael finney is here now with advice on the best way to get claims through.
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>> yes. yorns have two avenues to get compensated for damages. first they can file a claim with daily city. secondly, they can submit a claim to insurance companies. there is so much sludge it clogs tail pipe. a tow truck managed to haul the car away, but who is going to pay for this? >>f) we have liability insurance. >> will it cover this? >> i don't know. >> they come to this disaster to go to the clerk office tomorrow, to pick up a claim form. the risk manager and adjuster will make theq+0o decision on wo is eligible for compensation. others may choose to file a claim but a advocate says that should be your last choice.
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first option to get the money out of the. >> if you go under your own policy it's going to go on your record and it can cause you to pay more. >> unfortunately, for some, claim withy may be the only option.rpbrs unless there is comprehensive coverage in the auto policy, damage will not be covered. >> people shop for lowest prices. there is not aware of how important the quality of the coverage is. >> so far,clj there have been o reports of damage to any homes. because if there had been, most of those homeowners would not have been cover bid insurance. >> one of the things you have to remember thatu/"ó homeowner's insurance excludes damage as a result of flood or landslide, mudslide. >> information network told us
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those are the only homeowners that would have been covered if the homes had been damaged and we're looking at possibility of further damage down the line. >> i don't know. >> yes. good nfgs. >> walnut creek police hope several photos can track down two kidnappers. and and police believe they they tied her up and forced her to withdraw money. police say they made a mistake. >> he did have a mask on. in the video after about a minute, he covers his face, again. so this would he let down his guard. >> investigators believe they used names aubrey and david
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when speaking with one another. >> a former san francisco school worker who terrorized woim in the mission district was convicted today. the 31-year-old faced charges related to the rape of three women. >> the defendant guilty of the crime of felony. >> the jury found guilty on 25 counts, including kidnapping, sexual assault and robbery. dozer did not react to the decision. the district attorney credited victims for testifying in court. >> they've gone through a difficult incident being1lfl abe to have coverage to stand up for himself. he will be sentenced next month. >> still to come, the local companies that put you in the
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tourism industry. >> and later motor trend car of the year. it can't go more thain few9(ú hundred miles at a time. a rare interview with people at tesla motors. >> i'm spencer christian. a few high clouds now, but there is more mild weather coming our waichl i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and seven pound, nine ounce
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>> tonight the silicon valley entrepreneur in the center of a murd year investigation is talking. john mcafee, the man that started the company that bhairz name is in hiding. his story gets more bizarre by the hour. >> yes. it has taken a number of twists and turns. john mcafe did respond to our request quest saying he's an exclusive agreement, wired is sharing information with us including a phone interview with mcafee. denies killing his neighbor, and says he's worried police are going to kill him. a former silicon valley sprur communicating with a reporter from wired magazine saying is he not armed and doing whatever he can. wired provided abc news with photos of mcafee and portions of a phone recording with him.
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>> i hit almost 18 hours and will do whatever it takes. >> police have named thisfnv 67-year-old as a person of interest. the reporter is tweeting what mcaf sex telling him and last night, slept on a mattress full of lice he sounded scared and nervous, convinced police were going to kill him. >> mcaee founded the company that still bears his name, reportedly worth $100 million in 1994 but lost much of the fortune. analysts had several encounter was mcafee in silicon valley. he spoke by phone in washington, d.c.. >> he had been a strange person. no clue what his future life
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would be. >> people when know mcafee say he's increasingly erratic and violent. in this video he talked about his arrest in belize on charges of drug making and possessing unlicensed guns. he told wired he had nothing >> i thought it was someone searching for me. >> the very latest from wired is that mcafee altered his appearance and mcafee saying he's not going to turn himself in to police he says many people die in their custody. >> thank you. >> san francisco based travel company air b and b relies on a community of users and new services should expand the reach in the tourism industry.
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abc 7 news explains the impact of the growth on the city. it began four years ago. christina rents out a room to international visitors about 100 in the past two years. she showcases her place on air b and b. this tourism is being brought
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>> interesting. you've tried it. >> lots of people use it. >> interesting. >> you don't want to go anywhere next couple days. weekend may be another matter. >> yes. nice, warm coming up for us. >> mild, it's going to be milder at the coast tomorrow than inland. weekend is a different picture, here is a live view right now from our camera. and then, high clouds around. clear skies for the most part. that is what we're calling with thin, high clouds. we'll see some, right now looking at readings 2 degrees in san francisco. 64 across the bay. 54 in fairfield. these are the features mostly clear skies and clear conditions tonight. a warmer day tomorrow, a rainy pattern by the end of the week. lasting four days or more. lows on the cool side, chilly in spots like nappa. dropping
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down to 39 in fairfield. lows into low top-,ñ mid-40s. high pressure still a dominant feature giving us a nice mild weather but there is a shorm developing off shore that. is going to be the big rain maker. we'll see high pressure maintaining its hold tomorrow, another mild, pleasant day. on thursday, we'll see high clouds beginning to thicken. then, overnight thursday into friday. we'll see arrival of rainfall that is going to be with us throughout the weekend. during four days friday through monday, we'll get substantial matter of rainfall, periods of rain. and from about an inch and a half up to about four inches in the northern part of the viewing areas. then, high clouds, high temperatures in the north bay.
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72 degrees, similar range on the peninsula highs tomorrow of 70 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 7s tomorrow, 71 in the sunset district. downtown, up in the forth bay, low 70s, most locations upper low 70s in the western part of the inland east bay. tapering off to 60s on the eastern edge. low to mid-70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. rain arriving friday throughout the weekend maybe thunder on saturday. rain again, monday, showers and i paid a visit today el camino high school. kids were terrific. >> that is a late development
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tonight on the crab season. >> looks like you'll
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a deal has just been reached on wholesale price of crab this season. after some wrangling, buyer as agreed to demands of $3 a pound meaning average retail price runs around $7.
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the commercial crab season begins tomorrow morning at dawn. first catches should hit the market thursday or friday. >> workers at railly's stores could be soon back at work. employees cheered this news today. raillies wanted to get rid of health care benefits for retirees eligible for medicare. they did share this piece of information. >> i can tell you the primary objective for maintaining medical for family members and retirees has been maintained. gogss. unconventional choice in selecting a new state park director, picking this man, former commander of marine corps installations throughout the west. the last director forced to
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resign over millions in a fun that went unspent. the governor issuing a statement is that it will be restored. >> as abc 7 news continues tonight we're going to explain importance of california cap and trade auctions tomorrow. it's a historic attempt to slow the pace of global warming. >> people at tesla grant a rare interview to abc 7 news on the selection of the car scattered showers motor trend car of the year. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues right after this. (kj1ñ;x;x;x;xú
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california's largest business group is challenging the state's cap and trade program. the california chamber of commerce lawsuit comes on the eve of the first option for carbon credit. mark matthews is here with a look at what cap and trade means for california businesses and consumers.. >> and chamber of commerce filing a lawsuit today that will not stop tomorrow's auction.
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what they do want to do is stop the program, they claim it will put an undue burden on california businesses. when governor schwartzeneggar signed a bill in september of 2006, he set into place a system of charging companies for amount of carbon into the atmosphere. the california air resources board adopted a plan to phase in the caps. companies like cliff bar are celebrating the day tomorrowing -- hoping to take advantage of that installing solar panels on roof tops. >> this provides 70% of the electricity and heat. >> cliff bar will be able to sell carbon credits. >> we hear concern. >> he says companies going to
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have to pay more to meet limb skbrits those costs will be passed on to consumers and will cost jobs. >> it helps california6óç)x rede emissions. that is what they have done. >> energy expert says that is just not accurate. >> saying big energy users like utilities and oil companies have been given permits by the state to cover most of the carbon produced. the caps will be reduced over the years but says there is also a built in incentive to improve. >> if you figure out a way to
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pick up the gas, you get to keep the permit. >> we asked big oil refineries to weigh in on the issue. chevron reported and as it is required to do. and there is a pro vision in regulations requiring drivers and if projections hold it could raise the gallon of gas by 15 cents. >> and bay area lawmakers raising questions tonight about the fbi handling of the petraeus scandal. he resigned as cia director last week. both house minority leader nancy pelosi and senate intelligence committee chair say they're not happy that they learned of the investigation on television. >> they understand protecting people, i don't understand doing this all under a cloud of secrecy. and people have classified
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responsibility are not even notified so he can ask questions about it's pro pry tie there are questions about timing of just tradition. if it involved naggal security, it's a different story. >> under law, the justice department does not share detailed information about investigation was the white house. those rules put into place after water gate investigation. white house not informed at david petraeus and his affair until november 7th. the day after the election. >> a bay area company making history for zibing car of the future tesla motors car of the career as abc 7 explains it's the first in more ways than one. as he fluged into charges,
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craig is lusting after the silver sedan. >> interest is a reservation two years. >> now, the waiting list may grow longer as it becomes first nongasoline car ever to become the car of the year. >> we're happy to achieve it. >> it points out model f and cars from porsche and lexus. >> they thoes chose model s. it's something never happened before. >> the model f is a family car but draws its roots from the roadster. there is a low century of gravity.ydnw >> he set out to build this car as an electric vehicle.
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i think that goes to show you start from scratch. >> it's not a cheap product priced between $50 and $100,000. but to craig keith, it's worth it. >> he says we're not trying to build the best electric car. we're trying to build the best car. >> tesla is not wasting time. it's due out in time for 2014 model year. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> the popularity of election car may depend on the price of gasoline. triple a shows california gas prices haveyo"g fallen 82 centsn the past month. and the bay area dropped only 69 cents on average. >> if you voted by mail in the
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election last week, there is a chance your vote may not>uvb hae counted. >> the balance that will
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u.s. supreme court may decide whether to put california ban on same-sex marriage on its calendar. according to the american foundation for equal rights justices will meet to discuss
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whether to settle the dispute over prop 8 and if they should take up the federal defense of marriage act. both say only men and women can legallylngdd get married. the decision would likely be announced the following monday fchl the answer is no it would mean same-sex marriages could resume in california immediately. >> if you voted by mail in the presidential election, are you sure your vote was counted? there are thousands of ballot that's were not counted and never will be. abc 7 explains why and reports on an effort to changeqáeuq tha. >> thousands of ballots throughout california are sitting in registrar offices now and will never be counted. some signatures on ballot envelopes don't match those on the voter registration card. other ballots from previous electrics but the most common reason they don't get counted is they're not in the county
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hands by 8:00 election night. an election day post mark isn't good enough. and many don't notify voters ballots won't be counted. >> i think it's ax> in 2008 nearly half a
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another positive milestone for california real estate. home saems rose by 25%, prices"ñ up 17%. for closure sales hit a five
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year low. more families now able to move up to bigger p better homes thanks to low interest rates. after 10 weeks on the job chief executive of best buy says it's time for a turn around telling analysts turning browsers into buyers. wall street got a lift this morning. the dow closed off by 58 points. nasdaq and s and p are down as well. >> national unemployment rate went up last month. analysts say that is because people are jumping back into the job market many many headed to the abc 7 california job journal hire event. companies and an oakland police sargeant were there. hundreds were advertised especially for temp agencis.. >> holidays are a great time looking for a position that can get you back into the work force.
6:46 pm
right now is prime time for that. >> abc 7 co-sponsoring another event tomorrow in san francisco. on market streetjm6hú from noon, until 4:00 p.m. >> one oakland police officer calls it the highlight of his career, helping to deliver a baby boy in a gas station friday night this, afternoon, the baby and parents reunite wtd officer who's brought him into the world. his name is nolan, shell, miller. that is near where he was born, given by two police officers inside of the car friday night. >> it's a blessing for us to be in thegrdht place at the right time. >> no matter what happens, they're not going to see the same thing. >> nolan introduced to officer
6:47 pm
who's helped bring him into the world z they presented the infant with his first teddy bear. the officer, a former nurse assistant took the lead. >> this is a really happy moment. one of the best moment and memories i'll have. >> after 7:00 p.m.ñ-$r friday, the baby's dad pulled into the shell station and ran into the store. his wife was in labor inside of the car. there is no time to spare. >> i don't quite remember everything. i felt like i was dying and coming back 10 times. all i can say is that i am glad they was there every one is aware things could have turned out differently had the police officers not been in the store. the clerk was there, too. >> they -- . >> did you see the baby? >> yes. >> what did you think? >> good job. they did go g.job.
6:48 pm
>> one of the most positive experience of my police career. just beautiful. >> do you feel like he's going to be stronger by the way he came into the world sth. >> definitely. a lot stronger. >> look. >> so cute. >> let's give up the weather forecast. >> lovely day today. just a slice of what that day was like this time lapse ru from emeryville this afternoon. sunset occurred at 4:59. state wide tomorrow, sunny, mild conditions. high temperatures in the 60s and 70s. low 80s down south. in the bay arearzjs, another mid day, milder than today in spots. 72 degrees in half moon bay.
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then arks cross the bay in oakland, in fremont, only 68 insanitiock. 6 in safer raffle. here is the accu-weather two mild days coming our way, kooming down a little bit friday. may have thundershowers on saturday. periods. rain throughout the weekend into monday of next week. it's time now, once again for the thanksgiving food drive. if you give 35 thanksgiving meals or cash equivalent we'll mention your name here at 6:00. sheer list of the generous donations. mark walt, carol owens, and also congregation beth jaibock, 1 the 90 meals. piece by piece, dennis mueller, and goldstein munger and asow yits.
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thank you for your very generous donations. to donate you can donate at the top of the screen. and mark your calendar for the share your holiday food drive december 127b8th. taking your donations for local food bank asks locations nearest you can you can go to abc 7 >> thank you. >> the a's season ended
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coming up a week after we voted an election is called and it is an upset. a recent cal graduate just knocked off a veteran politician. >> it happened to alex smith last weekend, concussions happen to children the risk is serious. what happens inside of the brain and kk> sports and great news from the a's. >> much deserved honor.
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nelson took a team that trance formed into division champions. a's had a 20 game improvement. it pushed tigers to five games. melvin edged out buck shorewalter of the orioles. in national league, bruce bochy finished third in what turned out to be a one horse race. keep in mind voting here done at the end of the regular season. fire sales nothing new in miami. florida marlins doing it again, sending everything to the stadium to toronto. jose reyes, and part of a
6:55 pm
blockbuster trade bringing back short stop's other prospects to florida. marlins unloading about $185 million in contracts in the process. cal football team playing their final game of the season saturday at oregon state, then, after that, the coach is going sit down with the athletic directer to discuss his future. they believe it's time for a change. a cool record 85 victories. success paving the way for $321 million renovation. there is a growing sense the program is in disarray now. he has three years left on his contract. >> we have to put a microscope how can i be better as a head coach? what can i do to help players? you know? first place i will look is in the mirror to see. i will ask for inpull putt on
6:56 pm
those types of things.. >> stanford has rose pole hopes. -- bowl hopes but they're going to try to do the near impossible that. is beat number two ranked oregon on the road at austin stadium on saturday. they just clobbered cal 59-17. sorry to be the voice of reality. but among the many weapons oregon possesses he's averaging seven yards per carry, core scoring 20 touchdowns this season. varner five touchdowns against usc and 321 rushing yards. they hope stopping him is a monumental challenge. >> our team on film so far and i've never seen this vision
6:57 pm
across the field. the way he can move and see and hold is ridiculous. our goal is to make sure we cut those things off. >> this abc 7 sports report brought by mercedes-benz. >> thank you very much. this edition of abc 7 i'm dan
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- she is a top-10 a.p. english language teacher at alabama's number-one public school. from montgomery, alabama, this is... he is one of our four teachers competing in our tournament that teaches at his own alma mater. from miami, florida, say hi to... and she teaches at an all-boys school where every student learns chess in kindergarten. from new york, new york, this is... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. welcome, ladies and gentlemen.

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